Passed "Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions"

Passed the next course from Google Analytics Academy - "Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions"

List of Analytics Academy Courses []:
  1. Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  2. Google Analytics Platform Principles
  3. Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
  4. ?
 Hopefully the next course in this series will roll out in 2-3 months.

Google AdWords Certified Again!

Last day, I was checking my Google Partners profile & got to know that my AdWords certification got expired last week.

I took a test on Advanced Display Advertising & got passed. The required passing score was 70%. Last year I took Advanced Search & it required 85% to pass.

Since Google merged all AdWords certifications to Partners account, they have a new design for the certificate. It looks different than the old one. Btw, I like the old design.

Also, I noticed the certifications tab got bigger with Video Ads Certification. The video advertising advanced certification exam covers basic & advanced YouTube and Google Display Network concepts. My next target. I'll take you soon ;)

New AdWords Certification

Call to Action Buttons on Facebook Posts - to be the First in the Region

Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows to add a call to action button (Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, Download) on posts and ads.

As always to be the first in the region to make use of the new feature in Facebook. Even it is a small change in the Facebook post, it is really important. It makes very big difference for businesses in Facebook.

We usually use call to action in our copies. If we are using this feature, we don't need to use a call-to-action copy in our post. Also, those who clicks on these posts will directly go to the linked page.

These page posts having high CTR than other type of posts.

Souq is bidding on

Now they know, who is the real competitor :D

Successful Implementation of Structured Data Markup on

I'm proud to say that is the first one in the region to successfully implement structured data markup & show rich snippets on SERP.

Since so many ecommerce portals in the region inlcuding the big players like Souq, MarkaVIP, Namshi haven't tried this yet (as of 30/08/13) & not able to show up the rich snippets on Google, it is one of my biggest achievement in digital marketing so far.

I'm very happy to see the following rich snippets on SERP :)

[Images Updated with new rich snippets]
Hmm.. Few of our competitors are trying rich snippets, ah..
Updated on August 5, 2014