Call to Action Buttons on Facebook Posts - to be the First in the Region

Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows to add a call to action button (Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, Download) on posts and ads.

As always to be the first in the region to make use of the new feature in Facebook. Even it is a small change in the Facebook post, it is really important. It makes very big difference for businesses in Facebook.

We usually use call to action in our copies. If we are using this feature, we don't need to use a call-to-action copy in our post. Also, those who clicks on these posts will directly go to the linked page.

These page posts having high CTR than other type of posts. Twitter Account - Epic Fail!

Emirates - World's leading airline based in Dubai, UAE don't have/does not using their Twitter!! (as of Aug-15-2013). 

Emirates Airline

If they own this account, don't they have anyone in their social media team to handle a Twitter account?  Or is that their digital marketing strategy? If it so, I'd love to hear the strategy behind.

I think this is the only Twitter account that has more than 11,000 followers with 1 tweet.

[Update: Few days ago, I noticed a job listing on LinkedIn that Emirates looking for a digital communication specialist to their digital marketing team. Hopefully, we'll see this Twitter account start posting soon! lol]